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SCIP is expanding its lineup of webinars to deliver to its membership more quality opportunities for learning, practice and networking. Mark your calendar for the upcoming SCIP University webinars and make sure you don't miss the opportunity to upgrade your skills and knowledge. Webinars are complementary to members. Check back often as new events are posted in the coming months!  


Prior webinars are available for purchase in our online store


Monday September 25, 2017

12pm- 12:30pm

Eastern Time

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Intelligence Function Setting the Stage for a New Company Vision/Mission

Presenter: Thomas Bailey, Manager, Market and Competitor Intelligence, Business Model Innovation


“Disrupt or be disrupted” is the key challenge many established companies are facing nowadays. Rising project/product complexity, market diversity and regionalism, intensity within competition accelerating the pace of the game, forecasting struggles with volatile environments, flood of do we manage all of these components?  During this sample version of the full presentation, Intelligence Function Setting the Stage for a New Company Vision/Mission, to be presented in its entirety at the SCIP 22nd Annual European Summit,  drawing from learnings at Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG, this webinar will touch upon how to turn this into an advantage.


Participants will receive €125 off summit registration for attending the SCIP Pre-Event Webinar.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

12pm Central Time

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  Using Competitive Intelligence to Inform Law Firm Strategy - An E-Learning Event


CI was born of necessity.  For a long time, law firms didn’t need it, but they have entered an era with flat billings, low productivity and work which is moving in-house or to other providers (alternative legal service providers, other professional services).   Client intelligence, business intelligence and analytics can help law firms become more productive and profitable.  They can help tailor fee proposals which are lucrative but fair to both law firm and client.  They can provide client understanding which can identify and help rejuvenate waning relationships and foster cross-selling within the firm.  Competitive Intelligence can inform a view of the marketplace which can help law firms grown in underserved industries and geographic areas.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Work across departments to identify underserved clients and areas of potential growth.
  • Analyze internal metrics for weaknesses and strengths.
  • Spot industry trends which can lead to new business opportunities.

Our Speakers:

  • Jeffrey Cohan (SCIP), Director of Libraries and Knowledge Management Services,Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto
  • Adam Severson (LMA), Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer,Baker Donelson
  • Virginia Ryan (LMA/Moderator), Competitive Intelligence Senior Analyst, Butler Snow, LLP

Tuesday September 26, 2017

12pm-1pm Eastern Time

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Win More Business:The Principles of Win / Loss Research


Presenter: Richard M. Schroder, Founder & President, Anova Consulting Group


Win / Loss research has become an essential tool in today’s competitive sales markets. Understanding what you and your team are doing well (or not so well) and what the competition is doing better will help you win more in new sales situations. This webinar is focused on how competitive intelligence professionals can most effectively utilize Win / Loss research. Learn about the benefits of Win / Loss, best practices for implementing a program or enhancing a current program, and how companies are learning more about the competition and increasing their sales effectiveness with the latest research techniques.



  • Identify who will benefit at your organization by conducting Win / Loss and using the research
  • Learn the ins and outs of Win / Loss research
  • Listen to different ways Win / Loss research can be timed and conducted to maximize results
  • Check out how data automation and self-service tools feed meaningful Win / Loss research
  • Find out the benefits of Win / Loss


October 3, 2017
11:00 am Eastern Time

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Cyber Security is Outdated Without Cyber Intelligence

Presenter: José Angel González Andrés, Internet Security Manager, Telefonica

Internet security is a challenge for any company. The Internet is and will be at the core of your business; awareness of its ecosystem evolution of security is paramount for your strategy and to analyze the “cyber-environment”. There are risks, threats, and attacks. However, there are also opportunities, better capabilities to analyze your competitors, reach your customers, and even discover and target hidden niches. Get to know new security requirements that open new knowledge possibilities during this webinar presentation, which is a preview of this topic to be presented at the SCIP 22nd Annual European Summit to be held in Cascais, Portugal from the 13-15 of November, by keynote speaker José Angel González Andrés.

Participants will receive €125 off summit registration for attending the SCIP Pre-Event Webinar.


October 10, 2017

11:00 am 

Eastern Time

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The Customer Journey: Grasping the Key Strategic and Operational Importance to Overall Strategy and Profitability


Presenter: Stefan Osthaus, Managing Director, experience5


Customer centricity sounds great - but how can you prioritise customer experience (CX) related programs amongst the many business needs you are facing? How much of a competitive differentiator are they really? If “being nice to customers” isn’t enough of a specific objective for you, then what should you expect from a convincing CX program that you’d be ready to support? Stefan Osthaus will address these questions and more during this webinar presentation, which is in anticipation of the SCIP 22nd Annual European Summit to be held in Cascais, Portugal from the 13-15 of November, where Stefan will be a keynote speaker on this topic in its’ entirety


Participants will receive €125 off summit registration for attending the SCIP Pre-Event Webinar. 


Thursday, October 26, 2017

10:00am Eastern

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Machine Learning Implications for Intelligence and Insights

Presenters: Jesper Martell, Comintelli & Paul Santilli, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


This interactive webinar describes how Machine Learning (ML) can be applied to solve intelligence problems.  Machine Learning is often expressed in different ways (e.g. Artificial Intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, data-mining, deep learning, forecasting, Natural Language Processing, Simulations), but basically it is all about algorithms that analyze data to find models that can be used to predict outcomes or understand context with significant accuracy and improve or “learn” as more information is made available. The question is how this can be applied in the intelligence world.

  1. What is a Machine Learning algorithm?
  2.  How can new ML/AI technologies augment our intelligence capabilities?
  3. What are some of the challenges and risks of ML?



Leadership Series Modules

Available on demand 

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Leadership Series - Module 1 - Creative Problem Solving

In the past few decades, psychologists and business people alike have discovered that successful problem solvers tend to use the same type of process to identify and implement the solutions to their problems. This process works for any kind of problem, large or small. Learn the entire creative problem solving process, as well as key problem solving tools that can be used every day. Skills such as brainstorming, information gathering, analyzing data, and identifying resources will be covered throughout the workshop.
Available on demand 

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Leadership Series-Module 2 - Leadership and Influence

Once you learn the techniques of true Leadership and Influence, you will be able to build the confidence it takes to take the lead. The more experience you have acting as a genuine leader, the easier it will be for you. It is never easy to take the lead, as you will need to make decisions and face challenges, but it can become natural and rewarding. The workshop includes a number of elements including but not limited to; Understanding, Transformational Leadership, Explain leading by Delegating, Defining "leadership".

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